Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do you live or conform?

Why do we work 9-5? Why do we accept that it’s ok for some people to live with more then they could ever spend when many of us struggle to get by?  Why do we all feel compelled to do what others expect of us? Why do we do what we are instructed to do from a very early age?

Quite simply, it’s not about any specific conspiracy, its not about what we should do for the greater good, it’s simply what we are programmed to do. It’s funny when people speak of how we are a civilized species and they forget that most of the laws and principles that apply today are ones that were slowly learned over 100s of years. These laws have been generically modified very slowly from old laws and principles that today seem completly barbaric. I wonder how modern day  laws that protect the rich will be viewed in decades to come and if history will treat the economic traitors of today tougher then the lame laws of today's world. 

However, do people really believe that things have changed that much from the way they were in century's gone by or have we just become more efficient and civilized in how we project justice? Heres a simple question so. . How many people have died and how many families have forced into suffering from what has happened down to financial institutions destroying so much for so many? This is not a sensational statement.

I will argue with anybody that the very morality and basic ethics of humanity defy everything that has been thrust upon the taxpayers of many Capitalist countries over the last few years. We have been led to believe that the new god, globalization coupled with its inbred sister Capitalism, override the importance of the logic of greater good economics. You are classed as either a capitalist or communist out of pure laziness, convenience and ignorance.

Ah, so the final question and head shaking query would be why is the world so much more civilized then at any time?

Yes, it is true that as we know it, things are much better for the greater good to a large degree. But, in 200 years will people look back on our generation and thank their lucky stars how our bankers of today (screwing our generation) made society better? Of course not. Only by demanding more and better does society progress. It’s not about looking at things from an extreme point of view. It’s about being rational, objective and balanced.

So the question I have for anybody reading this is do you live your life the way you want to live it or do you actually conform to the way you are told to live it ? Ask questions of what you are told to do. Don’t just accept the world you are born into. Our country prevailed when people refused to accept the tyranny that they were expected to accept. Do you really think that the pain and suffering people are experiencing today are so different from the pain that our forefathers felt? Remember, pain and the world we live in is subjective and only comparable with the things that we grew up to fear worst.

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